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Alpine Mini - Pack

Designer:  Uliquorra
Original Creator:  HENDRIX and ZTABC
Requires:  ZTUC
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs:  None
Description:  A pack that includes 2 animals and 1 plant from the alpine areas of the world.  It contains the rusty-leaved Alpenrose, alpine marmot, and Himalayan tahr.

Download Link:
Hashtags: #alpine #pack #marmot #Himalayan #tahr #rusty #leaved #alpenrose #foliage

Countries of the World: India

Creator:  Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Thank you Artifex and Penguinman for the mesh used for the squirrel, various deer, and buffalo; DinosaurMan for the meshes used for the tortoise, python, Nilgai male, Nilgiri Tahr, and duck; Hispa Designs for the mesh used for the cobra; JimmyHoopz for the mesh used for the male and young Chinkara; Robert for the female Chinkara and female and young Nilgai mesh; and Zerosvalmont for the kite and nurse shark mesh.

Requires: ZT2, ES, AA, and MM (see description below for exact requirements)

Public Domain:  Yes (all the meshes are public domain, just credit the original designer)

Language:  English

Bugs:This project has a few minor bugs. The Indian leopard cub lacks gloss as the cub-skin came out way to light with it. Don't worry it gets a shiny new coat at adulthood. The Indian Giant Squirrel and Asiatic Buffalo are white when selected but normal once placed, this seems to be a side-effect of the model.

While not a bug (the regular African Spurred Tortoise does it as well)the Indian Black Tortoise is hard to keep and may refuse to eat or drink. Just remove the heat lamp and place turtle under the shelter umbrella. They usually eat and drink immediately after a nice nap.

Description: This download contains 19 animals and one object perfect for Indian Zoos.

ZT2 only: Asiatic Lion, Chinkara (Indian Gazelle), Indian Giant Squirrel, Nilgai, and Nilgiri Tahr.

ES: Indian Leopard, Indian Rock Python, Indian spotted Chervotain, King Cobra, Sambar and Sambar bouncy ride, and Sangai.

AA: Asiatic Buffalo, Brahminy Kite, Gee's Golden Langur, Gray Langur, Indian Black Turtle, and Jungle cat

MM: Pink-Headed Duck (for food and shelter) and Tawny Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont)


Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Water Buffalo

Brahminy Kite


Gee's Golden Langur

Hanuman Langur

Indian Black Tortoise

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian Rock Python

Indian Leopard (Yes it can crossbreed with the Black leopard and produce both types of cubs!)

Indian Spotted Chevrotain (AKA the Indian Mouse Deer)

Jungle Cat

King Cobra


Nilgiri Tahr

Pink-Headed Duck

Sambar and Sambar Bouncy Ride


Tawny Nurse Shark

Download Link:

Hashtags: #shark #sangai #ride #duck #bird #nilgiri #tahr #nilgai #cobra #snake #reptile #cat #feline #chevrotain #deer #leopard #python #squirrel #tortoise #langur #monkey #primate #chinkara#gazelle #kite #buffalo #lion