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No First Person Text Hack

Designer: Lgcfm
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
Bugs: None
Description: This hack will remove the text "Use arrow keys to walk, right click to show mouse and menu buttons" from the first person mode. It will also remove the text "Press spacebar" to replenish food, open gates, healing, washing and grooming animals, cleaning poop, cleaning and emptying trash, cleaning water and water filters, riding and exiting vehicles and animals, and kicking objects. You can still do this actions, you just won't get the text for them. This way you will have a cleaner first person mode screen for taking screenshots, recording videos, etc.

Download Link:
Hashtags: #Lgcfm #hack

Unlock Hack

Designer: Lgcfm
Original Creator: Blue Fang
Requires: All (AA, ES, EA and MM)
Bug: Some objects (Yellow tuna & TV Screen) appear as locked on the prize list, but they sare still buyable. Also not exactly a bug, but you will get the same game settings Lgcfm had when she made this. You can change them again, of course.
Description: This hack will set all campaigns as "completed" and unlock all prizes, for the original game and every official expansion pack.

This hack does not work like a regular download! You have to follow these steps:
1- Go to "start" and enter this in the search box: %appdata%
1.a- For Windows 8, do this on the search option that appears on the windows menu (or the right side of the screen).
2- Then go to Roaming/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon 2/Default profile (or other profile if you have one)
3- You should see some folders and a file called "options.xml". If you want backup (which I recommend), copy and place it somewhere safe before continuing.
4- Now copy the file you downloaded and paste it in the folder, so that it replaces the previous "options.xml" (don't rename it!)
5- Launch your game and enjoy


Download Link:
Hashtags: #unlock #hack #campaigns #prizes

Reality Hack Pack

Designer: Wolverale12
Requires: ZTCC
Language: English (for the American Alligator)
Bugs: None
Description: A collection of hacks that makes some animals habitats more realistic compared to how Blue Fang made them. Also please note to back up your zoo.ini file if you plan to use the one that's included in the rar!
Known Changes:
Spoiler :

  • Bengal Tiger now has a little savannah terrain in it's habitat, some more grass, little less rainforest terrain, and now prefers the foxtail palm as the main tree.
  • Meiolan now prefers a rainforest habitat.
  • African Elephant has a little gray stone in it's habitat.
  • Polar Bear has a little gray stone in it's habitat.
  • Sperm Whale and Elephant Seal compatible with each other.
  • Lochness Monster has some coniferous forest terrain in it's habitat.
  • Macrauchenia now lives in a rainforest habitat with less brown stone, more grass, not compatible with tundra rocks and flora anymore, doesn't use ice age cave it prefers regular shelters instead, and the favorite foliage is the ulmo tree.
  • Added sand and brown stone to the Elephant Seals habitat.
  • Komodo Dragon now uses a burrow, and prefers to have more trees.
  • Saltwater Crocodile now has rainforest, sand, and freshwater terrain added to it's habitat, and the preferred tree is now mangrove.
  • Asian Elephant prefers to eat bamboo and the preferred foliage is bamboo also.
  • Giant Anteaters habitat now consists of grass, savannah, dirt, sand, and it eats insectivore chow now.
  • Velociraptors habitat is now desert and the fence bash strength has been lowerd, preferred foliage is prickly pear cactus.
  • Gallimimus habitat is now desert, preferred foliage is saguaro cactus.
  • New animal added in, American Alligator.
  • Sea Lions habitat now has dirt and sand in it, also fixed a bug in vanilla that it says the preferred foliage is water reed while it really is a water lily, so the preferred foliage icon was fixed to the water lily.
  • Tyrannosaurus now requires some rainforest terrain in it's exhibit.
  • Ankylosaurus's habitat is more grasslandish with some coniferous forest in it also to basically simulate wetlands also, still has some savannah terrain in the habitat, preferred foliage changed to monkey puzzle tree.
  • Allosaurus's habitat is now scrub, uses foliage and rocks from scrub, savannah, grassland, coniferous, and decidous, preferred foliage is now savannah grass.
  • The new changes to the zoo.ini file allows you to choose up to $100,000,000; but please backup your current zoo.ini since you will lose scenario progress and just because you might want to.
  • Spinosaurus now eats guests when it attacks them, and also has more water in its exhibit.
  • American Bison now has some dirt in its exhibit.
  • And more that I might not have listed!

That's all of the known changes.
Also please note that the American Alligator is a separate file from the combined reality hack due to it being a bonus animal for the pack.
Screenshot: Page 5 and then on , although some of these pictures are outdated and the ZT2DC topic is messed up after it was converted to tapatalk & My main projects page .
Download Link: Download Link
Hashtags: #reality #hack #alligator

Free Terrain Hack

Designer: Wolverale12
Requires: ZT1
Bugs: None
Description: This hack does what the title of the topic says, makes it so that all of the terrain ingame costs nothing.
Download Link: Download Link
Hashtags: #terrain #hack

Update 9/1/18
-Refilling tanks with water is now free

Sauropod Mini - Pack

Designer: Uliquorra
Original Creator: HENDRIX
Requires: ES, MM, EA, WWD, and Uliquorra's dinosaur pack
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English
Bugs: Legs & neck may distort.
Description: An add on to Uliquorra's dinosaur pack containing two sauropods. Contents: Cetiosaurus, Paralititan, Megalosaurus biome change hack.
Download Link:
Hashtags: #dinosaur #pack # sauropod #biome #hack

Bog Pack Remake

Designer: Ulquirra
Original Creator: HENDRIX
Requires: ES, AA, MM, EA, RR Biomes, HENDRIX's DM filter, Amphibia, EE, WNW Red tailed boa, Inland Taipan, Uliquorra's Rat and Raptor Pack.
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English and Dutch
Bugs: None
Description: A remade version of HENDRIX's Bog Biome, with remade and additional content. Also made compatible with the AD biomes.
Contents: Everything in the original Bog Biome, new content, purple moor grass, gorse, dead tree, round-leaved sundew, bog pondweed, purple pitcher plant, cloudberry, bilberry, large heather, bog turtle, moor frog, northern bog lemming, a hack that moves Uliquorra's short-eared owl to this biome.
Download Link: Click Here
Hashtags: #bog #biome #heather #turtle #lemming #sundew #cloudberry #frog #bilberry #gorse #owl #remake #pack #moor #hack

Countries of the World: 2017 Update Mini-Pack

Designer:  Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator: Zoo Tycoon ABC and Interesting Islands Team

Requires:  Sumatran Orangutan (found in COTW: Indonesia), Endangered Species, African Adventures, and Marine Mania.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: Eland baby is distorted.

Description:   This download contains a hack that fixes the most common bugs in my COTW packs. It contains...

  • A fix for the Sumatran Orangutan's  eyes.

  • Fixes the rabbit "won't eat bug" fixed. This will fix for all COTW rabbits that had food issues and the Al-Mi-Raj from  Unique Unicorns.

  • Menelik Bushbuck's tsk. file fixed.

  • Blood Python adult gift fixed

The following animals are also included. They have been completely re-coded and given an updated model. The originals will not be needed, all the necessary files are included in the hack...

  • Livingstone's Eland

  • Sennar Roan Antelope

  • Patagonian Sea Lion (AKA: South American Sea Lion)


Orangutan Eye-glitch Fixed

Sennar Roun Antelope COTW Remake

Patagonian Sea Lion remake

Livingstone's Eland remake

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #SumatranOrangutan #Rabbits #Livingstone'sEland #Eland #RoanAntelope #SennarRoanAntelope #Sudan #Hack #TamaraHenson #PatagonianSeaLion #SouthAmericanSeaLion

No Pole Boat and Submarine Path

Designer:  Whalebite
Original Creator: ZTABC
Requires:  ES, AA, Boat Tour (ZTABC Team), Submarine Tour (Zoo Tycoon 2 Thailand)
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Description:  This hack makes the underwater poles that are part of the Boat and Submarine Path invisible.
Download Link:
Hashtags: #hack #invisible #poles #path #boat #submarine #tour

Spec World: Bonus Animal & Filter

Designer: Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Lucia9108 for the original model used for the disco duck and Emperor Sam for the Edmontosaurus model used for the Green Lancehead remake.

Requires:   Extinct Animals

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Icon for Green lancehead sometimes does not show on map. This is most common with young animals.

Description:   This download features a new filter that adds the new status "Speculative" (instead of Low Risk/Endangered ect) to the spec world animals. It hacks all the previous packs and changes their endangerment status to speculative. It also contains a remake of the green lancehead (you can remove the old one) and a brand new animal from Spec New Zealand - The fabled Disco Duck.

Future spec world packs will need this filter to work.


Disco Duck

Green Lancehead remake

Download Link:

Hashtags: #SpecWorld #Dinosaurs #TamaraHenson #Hack #Speculative #DiscoDuck #GreenLancehead #Filter

Domesticated status animal hack

Designer: Koiking
Original Creator: Blue Fang
Requires: ZT2, MM, ES, EA, AA, Slices world of imports 3, silver fox and donkey pack
Public Domain: Unspecified
Language: English
Bugs: None. Permission from Slice to edit his animals
Description: This hack changes the conservation status of several of Slice's animals to Domesticated.
Download Link: Click Here
Hashtags: #hack #domesticated #status

Easter egg hack

Designer: Ulquiorra
Original Creator: Credits: Jannick (ducks), ABC Team (Chicken)
Requires: AVES, Ulquiorra's/Koiking's duck pack and Ulquiorra's/Koiking's goose pack (goose pack needed for the infertile egg)
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English
Bugs: N/A
Description: A hack that makes the domestic duck breeds from my duck pack and the chicken from AVES, lay infertile eggs at random, no breeding involved.
Download Link:
Hashtags: #hack #infertile #egg #Easter

New Zealand Hack

Designer:  Whalebite

Original Creator: Credits to Hendrix, Eryel, Zerosvalmont and Jannick

Requires:  AD biomes, Hendrix's Tuatara, Zero's and Eryel's Rowi, and Jannick's Kakapo

Public Domain:  Unspecified

Language:  English

Bugs: unknown

Description:  Moves Hendrix's Tuatara, Zero's and Eryel's Rowi, and Jannick's Kakapo into AD's Temperate Rainforest Biome, gets the Kakapo's location map to work, adds a new Kakapo Sound


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Hack #NewZealand

Ornithomimid Biome Hack

Creator: Koiking

Credits: Ludo and AD

Requires: Koiking's Ornithomimid Pack and the new AD biomes.

Description (Optional): A hack that move Anserimimus, Gallimimus and Struthiomimus to the Temperate Rainforest biome.


Download Link:

Hashtags: #hack #biomes #ornithomimid #gallimimus #struthiomimus #anserimimus

Steppe Tundra Hack

Creator: Treebeard

Original Creator: Tamara Henson

Requires:  EA + Lego's NEW biome system, and optionally the RR biome system (But not without Lego's!)

Public Domain: Yes, as the original is.

Language: English

Bugs: A bug from the original biome I could not fix is that the rocks can NOT be selected.

Description: Tamara Henson's classic Steppetundra biome, updated to fit within our current biome system so Ice Age animals/foliage can be placed in more accurate habitats than Tundra or Boreal Forest. The hack also fixes some bugs, and includes a hack moving the following original animals to the biome: Saber-toothed Cat, American Mastodon, Short-faced Bear, Aurochs, Giant Camel, Bush-antlered Deer, Cave Lion, and the Wooly Rhino. The biome changes were from the original file, excluding the Giant Camel and American Mastodon.


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Steppe #Tundra #Hack

Countries of the World: RR Biome Hack

Creator/Designer/Author: Treebeard
Original Creator: Tamara Henson
Requires:  ES,  AA, MM,  EA, RR Biomes
Public Domain: Yes, except for the Bajii.
Language: English
Bugs: None
Description/Information/Notes: Moves animals from the older COTW packs to more accurate biomes from the new Radical Remake system. Comes in two parts; replace the old Z2Fs.

Download Link: Part One     Part Two
Hashtags: #COTW #biome #hack

Barn Owl

Whale Shark Biome Hack

Easy Fossils Hack

Hashtags: #easy #fossils #hack

All Archived Topics Combined

PheonixTiger wrote:
I am currently working on fixing images/links for hacks.

The Guest & Staff hack link is not working, but I don't know how to fix links.

Those hacks were really useful for testing... Sadly, I don't have them. Though if you need them, I've got Zootan's Animals CC Easy Hack and ZooTek Research Hack by LAwebTek.

#Zootan #LAwebTek #hack #research

Irish Elk Hack

Creator: Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Doc118 and Tamara Henson

Requires:  My Ice Age Pack

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: None

Description: This hack updates the original Irish elk to a more accurate model. It differs from Doc118s remake in having a more historically accurate skin based on that found in preserved hide and cave paintings.


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Irish #elk #hack

American Mountain Goat Hack

Creator:  Tamara Henson

Original Creators: Platypus and Tamara Henson

Requires:  Ultimate Ungulates (found on Platypus' thread at The Round Table)

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: None

Description: This hack fixes the alpha problem with the adult mountain goat. Now the skin is as I intended.


Download Link:

Hashtags: #hack #fix

Invisible Tank Light Hack

Designer:  Thomvonder

Requires:  MM

Description:    This hack makes the tank light invisible.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #invisible #tank #light #hack

Invisible Staff Hack

Designer:  Thomvonder

Requires:  ZT2

Public Domain:  Yes

Bugs:  It might interfere with other hacks that edit the shell.xml.

Description:  This hacks edits the 'hide guest' button, it makes sure staff disappear as well when you click on it.

Download Links:

Normal Version -

Version Compatible With Lego's New Biome System -

Version Compatible With ZTDC's Biomeshell:

Hashtags: #invisible #staff #hack

Dodo Animations Without EA

Creator:  Zerosvalmont

Credit:  Blue Fang

Description:  Hack to use animals created from the dodo without EA.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #hack