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Hybrid Carnivorans

Designer:  Ulquiorra
Original Creator: Zerosvalmont, Eryel, HENDRIX
Requires:   ES, AA, MM, EA, AD:CC, Yukon's lioness, possibly European Expeditions and CARNIVORA
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: None
Description:  Three hybrid animals, only available through crossbreeding.
Contents: Grolar Bear, Liger, Tigon
Download Link:
Hashtags: #Ulquiorra #Hybrid #Carnivorans #grolar #bear #liger #tigon #feline

Asiatic Lion

Countries of the World: Somalia

Creator:  Tamara Henson & Treebeard

Original Creator: Several people need credit for the original models, skin details, and coding used in this pack.

Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the bat, jerboa, mongoose, galago, hedgehog, leopard, dik-dik (with Longisquamata) and ostrich meshes; Doc 118 for the mesh used for Naked mole rat; Jannick and the dube Warrior's team's for zebra mesh used for the Somali wild ass; Triceraptor Rex and Slice for the Beisa Oryx; and Zebrasoru for the lesser kudu.

Requires:  Most of these downloads use only zoo tycoon 2 but will benefit from having the Radical Remake new biomes as many are coded to prefer the tropical dry forest biome. The bat needs DM's bat and the jerboa needs the European Expedition jerboa found in the EE-new bonus downloads. All the animals below need African Adventures - Somali Hedgehog, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Food occasionally sticks to the hedgehog's face

Description: 13 animals native to the country of Somalia in Africa. This pack includes the Beisa Oryx, Silver Dik-Dik, Somali Ostrich, Somali Wild Ass, Somali Leopard (including the super-rare king leopard color phase), Somali Hedgehog, Somali Galago, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog, Schlieffen's Bat, Northern Lessr Kudu, Naked-Mole Rat, and Lesser Egyptian Jerboa.


Beisa Oryx Adult, Juvenile, and Young

Northern Kudu

Desert Warthog

Somali Galago

Somali Hedgehog

Silver dikdik

Somali Ostrich

Naked Mole Rats

Somali Wild Ass

Somali Leopard

Schieffen's Bat

Lesser Egyptian Jerboa

Download Link:

Hashtags: #cotw #Countries_of_the_World #Africa #Somalia #Somali #Tamara_Henson #Treebeard #jerboa #bat #leopard #feline #equine #equid #rat #ostrich #bird #dikdik #hedgehog #galago #primate #warthog #kudu #oryx #antelope

African Golden Cat


Hashtag:  #bobcat #feline

Bay Cat

Fixed broken screen shot link.

Hashtags: #bay #cat #feline

Clouded Leopard

Creator:  MiBound

Credits:  Mountain Lion, by Jimmyzhoopz, edited by Jannick

Requires:  ZT2 (May require Ultimate Collection)


Download Link:

Hashtags: #clouded #leopard #feline

Countries of the World: Brazil

Countries of the World: Brazil

Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding...

Artifex for the Yapok; Aurora Designs for the Armadillo; Bunyupy for the Hoary Fox; Dutch Designs Primata crew for the Capuchin monkeys, Hispa Designs for the Pantanal Cat; Janneck for the Brocket; Jimmz Hoopaz for the Black Caiman; Stephan Dartevelle for the Capybara; Ulquiorra: Amazonian Bush Dog; Zerosvalmont for the Silky Anteater; and Platypus for the Maguari Stork. The red-tailed Boa, Brazilian Cavy, and Brazilian Porcupine were modified by me from originals by Dinosaurman/Hendrix (with the Wilde China crew for the porcupine).

Requires: AA  African Adventure for the Black-striped capuchin, Blond capuchin, Brazilian Three-banded armadillo, Lowland paca, and Pied tamarin.

ES Endangered Species for the Amazonian bush dog, Gray brocket, Hoary zorro, Maned sloth, Pacarana, and red-tailed boa.

Public Domain: No for the Gray brocket and Lowland Paca; Yes for the rest but credit the original designers for the mesh.

Language: English

Bugs:  The silky anteater may climb up trees or monkey climbing toys for several minutes before resting and climbing down.

Description: This pack contains nineteen animals native to the country of Brazil. Some of these animals (such as the monkeys) exhibit new climbing behavior to enhance your zoo. The Brazilain cavy also contains a hack which fixes the behavior of my Guinea Pig download.


Amazonian Bush Dog

Black Caiman

Black-Striped Capuchin

Blond Capuchin

Brazilian Cavy

Brazilain Porcupine

Brazilian three-Banded Armadillo

Gray Brocket

Hoary Zorro

Lowland Paca

Maguari Stork

Maned Sloth


Pantanal Cat

Pied Tamarin

Red-Tailed Boa

Silky Anteater

Yapok (Water Opossum)

Whistling Heron

Download Link:

Hashtags: #bird #heron #caiman #reptile #opossum #yapok #anteater #boa #snake #tamarin #primate #monkey #cat #feline #pacarana #sloth #stork #paca #zorro #brocket #armadillo #porcupine #cavy #capuchin #dog

Jungle Cat

Creator:  -JimmyzHoopz-

Credits:  DinosaurMan (Model)

Requires:   ES 


Download Link: Click Here

Hashtags: #jungle #cat #feline

Countries of the World: India Remake

Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding...

Ultamateterex2 for the lion mesh, Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the Adult and Old sambar deer, Cosmius for the indian giant squirrel, Bunyupy for the leopard and the Juvenile and Young sambar deer, and Jimmz Hoopz for the jungle cat.

Requires: African Adventure for the Jungle Cat and  Endangered Species for the Sambar Deer

Public Domain: Yes but credit the original designers for the mesh.

Language: English

Bugs:  none

Description: A remake of five of the animals from the original Countries of the World: India. It contains the Asiatic Lion, Indian leopard, Indian Giant Squirrel, Jungle Cat, and Sambar deer.


Asiatic Lion

Indian Leopard

Indian giant squirrel

Jungle Cat

Sambar Adult & Juvenile

Download Link:

Hashtags: #Asiatic #Lion #Indian #leopard #feline #Giant #Squirrel #Jungle #Cat #Sambar #deer


Author:  Zerosvalmont

Credit:  Model base by Hendrix

Public Domain:  Yes

Requires:  ES  and AA

Language:  Spanish and English


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Ocelot #SouthAmerica #CentralAmerica #Mexico #feline

Countries of the World: Great Britain

Creator:  Tamara Henson

Original Creator: This pack would not be possible without the talents of these peerless designers...Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Hispa Designs, Platypus, Freki, Cosmius, Aurora/ Radical Remake Designers, Fauna/Z-Studios, Zerosvalmont, and Artifex. See screenshots (below) for more detailed credits.

Requires: The following requirements are needed...

ZT2: European items, Billberry goat, European Robin, and Pembroke Welsh corgi.
ES:  Exmoor Pony, Kerry Bog Pony, Kellas Cat, Scottish wildcat, and Scottish red deer.
AA: West European Hedgehog, Eurasian Jay, and European Green Woodpecker.
EA: Chillingham Cattle and European Slow Worm.
MM: Eurasian eel and Grey Seal.

Public Domain:  All but the European robin mesh is public domain, just credit the original designers. All maps, skins and new coding is PD, just give me credit.

Language:  English

Bugs: Chilenlingham cattle are black when first selected but change to actual color once placed. The robin is similar but is white when first selected instead of black. The slow worms and jay have no sick or dirty skins due to the limitations of the coding associated with the models.

Description:  This download includes 15 new British animals, two bouncy rides, a fountain, and a restaurant for your zoo.


1 Bilberry Goat (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Barbary sheep)

2. British Red Squirrel (Cosmius's Indian Giant Squirrel)

3 Chillingham Cattle (Platapus' yak mesh for male, Dinosaurman/Hendrex's Wisent for female and young)

4 Eurasian Jay (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European Expeditions v2 Raven)

5 Eurasian Eel (Dinosaurman/Henrex's sea snake)

6 European Green Woodpecker (Dinosaurman/Henrex's woodpecker,Yes it pecks wood!)

7 European Robin (Platypus and Freaki's songbird)

8 Exmoor Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra)

9 Grey Seal (Zerosvalmont's leopard seal)

10 Kellas Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex'a European wild cat v2)

11 Kerry Bog Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra)

12 Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Artifex's Tenrec)

13 Scottish Red Deer (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European red deer v2)

14 Scottish Wild Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex's European wild cat v2)

15 Slow Worm (Fauna and Z-studio's giant anaconda v2)

16 Soay Sheep (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Mouflon v2)

17 West European Hedgehog (Hispa Design's echidna)


Tiny Cat Fountain! Made for small areas and it is used by children and adults as a wishing well!

Scottish Red Deer Bouncy Ride

Exmoor Pony Bouncy Ride

Big Ben Pub, serves traditional British food such as ale, crumpets, toad in the hole, and more.

Download Link: Continent Pack: Great Britain

Hashtags: #restaurant #ride #fountain #items #hedgehog #pony #sheep #corgi #worm #cat #feline #dog #canine #deer #seal #robin #woodpecker #bird #eel #fish #jay #cattle #squirrel #goat

Countries of the World: India

Creator:  Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Thank you Artifex and Penguinman for the mesh used for the squirrel, various deer, and buffalo; DinosaurMan for the meshes used for the tortoise, python, Nilgai male, Nilgiri Tahr, and duck; Hispa Designs for the mesh used for the cobra; JimmyHoopz for the mesh used for the male and young Chinkara; Robert for the female Chinkara and female and young Nilgai mesh; and Zerosvalmont for the kite and nurse shark mesh.

Requires: ZT2, ES, AA, and MM (see description below for exact requirements)

Public Domain:  Yes (all the meshes are public domain, just credit the original designer)

Language:  English

Bugs:This project has a few minor bugs. The Indian leopard cub lacks gloss as the cub-skin came out way to light with it. Don't worry it gets a shiny new coat at adulthood. The Indian Giant Squirrel and Asiatic Buffalo are white when selected but normal once placed, this seems to be a side-effect of the model.

While not a bug (the regular African Spurred Tortoise does it as well)the Indian Black Tortoise is hard to keep and may refuse to eat or drink. Just remove the heat lamp and place turtle under the shelter umbrella. They usually eat and drink immediately after a nice nap.

Description: This download contains 19 animals and one object perfect for Indian Zoos.

ZT2 only: Asiatic Lion, Chinkara (Indian Gazelle), Indian Giant Squirrel, Nilgai, and Nilgiri Tahr.

ES: Indian Leopard, Indian Rock Python, Indian spotted Chervotain, King Cobra, Sambar and Sambar bouncy ride, and Sangai.

AA: Asiatic Buffalo, Brahminy Kite, Gee's Golden Langur, Gray Langur, Indian Black Turtle, and Jungle cat

MM: Pink-Headed Duck (for food and shelter) and Tawny Nurse Shark (Zerosvalmont)


Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Water Buffalo

Brahminy Kite


Gee's Golden Langur

Hanuman Langur

Indian Black Tortoise

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian Rock Python

Indian Leopard (Yes it can crossbreed with the Black leopard and produce both types of cubs!)

Indian Spotted Chevrotain (AKA the Indian Mouse Deer)

Jungle Cat

King Cobra


Nilgiri Tahr

Pink-Headed Duck

Sambar and Sambar Bouncy Ride


Tawny Nurse Shark

Download Link:

Hashtags: #shark #sangai #ride #duck #bird #nilgiri #tahr #nilgai #cobra #snake #reptile #cat #feline #chevrotain #deer #leopard #python #squirrel #tortoise #langur #monkey #primate #chinkara#gazelle #kite #buffalo #lion

African Leopard

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Blue Fang

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This is the typical spotted leopard of Africa. It can mate with both it's own color and with the ZT2 black leopard and produce cubs of both colors!
(Verified only With Male Black Leopard and Female African Leopard)

Not really a bug but the cubs are duller in color than the adults. This is because the gloss files of the original young black leopard model caused the cubs to glow white so I replaced that model with that of the tiger cub which lacks the gloss.

The Colour of the adults may be too bright to some people, and they don't look good in general view.

Variants: none

Edited: 4/1/14 Added Images, Verified Cross Breeding and Added Addiotional Info
Requirements: Any expansion pack.


Download Link:

Location: Non-Exclusive

Hashtags: #African #Leopard #feline

Countries of the World: Ethiopia

Name: Continent Pack: Ethiopia

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: DinosaurMan contributed the nif used for the African Wildcat and Maned Rat while the Nile Lechwe was made from a mesh designed for Wildlifepark 3 and rigged for ZT2 by Robert.

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This is a huge pack containing animals and objects from Ethiopia. There are no bugs that I have found.

Requirements: many of the animals in this pack need only ZT2, though an expansion pack will allow one to see all the variant skins.

ES The African Wildcat, Bat-Eared Fox, Maned Rat, and Sennar Roan Antelope need Endangered Species.

AA The Defassa Waterbuck, Dibatag, Guereza Monkey, Menelik Bushbuck, and Side-Striped Jackal need African Adventures.

The Addax (See Here ) may be needed for the Common Eland and Mountain Nyala.

Any Expansion Pack should allow use of the fountain and bouncy ride.


African Wild Cat

African Wildcat Mini-Fountain (it is about half the size of the normal tiger fountain)

Bat-Eared Fox

Common Eland

Defassa Waterbuck

Waterbuck Bouncy Ride


Maned Rat

Mantled Guereza Monkey

Menelik Bushbuck

Mountain Nyala

Nile Lechwe

Sennar Roan Antelope

Side-Striped Jackal

Sommerring's Gazelle

Walia Ibex

Download Link: Ethiopia Pack

Location: Exclusive

Hashtags: #ibex #gazelle #antelope #jackal #lechwe #nyala #bushbuck #monkey #primate #guereza #rat #dibatag #ride #waterbuck #eland #fox #fountain #wild #cat #feline #African

Puma / Cougar

Creator:  Slice

Original Creator:  Leopard model made by Trygon/Ludozoo

Requires:   Endangered Species

Language:  English


Download Link:

Update:  The download has been updated to fix cub issues (04/03/2012).

Hashtags: #puma #cougar #feline

Aquatic Jaguar

Creator/Designer/Author: JohnRN1

Original Creator: Blue Fang

Language: English

Date: 12-27-11

Type: Real Animals

Bugs/Information/Notes: No errors to report.

Requirements: ZT1 or ZTCC

Location: Exclusive


description: Aquatic Jaguar                                                  
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 90.                          
Liked foliage:                                                                
Rainforest Bush, Ulmo Tree, Mangrove Tree, Elephant Ear Tree                
Foxtail Palm Tree, Fallen Rainforest Tree (ES), Rainforest Fern, Orchid Tree
Kapok Tree                                                                  
Liked rock:                                                                  
Large Rock, Small Rock - Medium, Small Rock - Small, Stone Ruins            
Rainforest Rock                                                              
Animal can jump.  Animal can climb cliff.                                    
Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 1-4 with 18 squares each.              
A suitable exhibit for 2 of this animal has 36 squares containing terrain of:
27 Rainforest Floor, 4 Dirt, 5 Fresh Water                                  
using 5 grid squares filled with 4 Rainforest Bush most liked plant          
and using 9 Small Rock - Small most liked rock.                              
Preferred shelter: Rock Cave.                                                
Other liked items:                                                            
Waterfall Rock, Jungle Rock                  

Download here:

Hashtags: #Aquatic #jaguar #feline

Amur Leopard Mini - Pack

Designer:  Slice

Original Creator:  Leopard model made by Trygon/Ludozoo.

Requires:   Endangered Species

Language:  English


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Amur #leopard #feline #endangered #pack


Creator:  Robert

Requires:   AA

Description:  A Himalayan feline for your zoos.


Download link:

Hashtags: #feline #Manul #Himalayan #Himalaya

Arabian Nights: ES Animals

Designer:  Artifex

Requires:  Endangered Species

Description:  This contains the Blanford's fox and the sand cat.

Download Link:  


Hashtags: #blandford #fox #sand #cat #feline

Siberian Lynx

Author:  Penguinman

Requires: Endangered Species


Download Link:

Hashtags: #Siberian #Lynx #feline

Canadian Lynx

Author:  Zerosvalmont

Requires:   ES

Language:  English and Spanish


Donload Link:  In need of a new download link. If you have this download, please contact a Download Expert or Administrator.

Hashtags: #Canadian #lynx #feline

Cape Lion

Author:  Dinosaur

Requires:   EA


Download Link:

hashtags: #lion #cape #feline #extinct


Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: Blue Fang

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: The best cat that I have made so far, there are three variants and no bugs that I have found.

Requirements: ES


Download Link:

Hashtags: #ocelot #SouthAmerica #CentralAmerica #Mexico #feline


Author:  Exitree

Requires:   ES


Download Link:

Hashtags: #feline #caracal