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Green River Formation Fish

Designer: Whalebite
Original Creator:
Requires: MM, EA, WWD New Blood, AD Biomes
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English
Bugs: Fish don't breed
Description: Ever wanted a prehistoric freshwater aquarium in your prehistoric park, well now you can.
Phareodus encaustus
Knightia eocaena
Diplomystus dentatus
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Hashtags: #Green #River #Formation #fish #pack #freshwater #prehistoric #extinct

South Asian River Dolphin

Designer:  Whalebite

Original Creator: Eryel & Zerosvalmont for mesh and Artifex for skin

Requires:  ZT2, Marine Mania and Freshwater (Aurora Designs)

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: unknown

Description: The South Asian River Dolphin is a rare dolphin from Pakistan and India.


Download Link: Click Here

Hashtags: #MarineMania #dolphin #South #Asian #River #Dolphin

Red River Hog Pack

Island Excursions: Marine Mania Animals

Designer:  Artifex

Southern Minke Whale
Requires:  MM

Download Link: Here

Mahi - Mahi
Requires: MM

Download Link: Here

Hector's Dolphin
Requires: MM

Download Link: Here

Hawaiian Monk Seal
Requires: MM

Download Link: Here

Flatback Turtle
Requires:  MM

Download Link: Here

Borneo River Shark
Requires: MM

Download Link:Here

Speckled Longfin Eel
Requires: MM

Download Link: Here

Spotted Eagle Ray
Requires: MM

Download Link: Here

Hashtags: #IslandExcursions #MarineMania #animals #spotted #eagle #ray #longfin #eel #Borneo #river #shark #minke #whale #flatback #turtle #reptile #monk #seal #dolphin #Mahi #fish

Arabian Nights: MM Animals 2

Creator:  Artifex

Requires:  Marine Mania

Description:  This includes the Indus River dolphin, smooth otter, Caspian turtle, and hilsa prey.

Download Link:  


Hashtags: #Indus #River #dolphin #otter #Caspian #turtle #reptile #hilsa #prey

Amazon River Dolphin

Thank you for downloading the Amazon River Dolphin. Guests will enjoy having a beautiful pink aquatic animal that also does tricks like the Bottlenose Dolphin.

"Move the .ztd file into the dlupdate (and not dupdate) folder if one exists in your Zoo Tycoon folder; otherwise move the .ztd file into the Updates folder that is in the Zoo Tycoon folder."
The default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon

Thank you to Fern and Jay and for their invaluable encouragement guidance, and technical expertise, and to Caddie and Pukkie, for their expertise in testing this animal.


Author : JohnT

Original Creator: JohnT's recoloring of zt's in game Bottlenose Dolphin.

Language: English

Category : Real Animals

Date Added : 22 June 2011

Updated : N/A

Size : 3.86MB

Compatibility : ZT1 and ZTCC

Amazon River Dolphin description:
Cannot be used in original Zoo Tycoon: cKeeperFoodType (10) is not 0 to 5.
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 96.
Liked foliage:
Sea Anemone (MM), Barnacles (MM), Brittle Sea Star (MM), Clam Bed (MM)
Orange Cup Coral (MM), Divercate Tree Coral (MM), Feather Duster Worm (MM)
Fire Coral (MM), Kelp (MM), Sea Lettuce (MM), Red Gorgonian (MM)
Sargassum (MM), Sand Dollar (MM), Sea Cucumber (MM), Sea Star (MM)
Seaweed (MM), Sea Grass (MM), Sea Sponge (MM), Stove Pipe Sponge (MM)
Tube Worm (MM), Purple Sea Urchin (MM)
Liked rock:
Small Ocean Floor Rock (MM), Medium Ocean Floor Rock (MM)
Large Ocean Floor Rock (MM), Medium Coral Formation (MM)
Large Coral Formation (MM), Iceberg (MM), Isle Rock (MM)
Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 2-6 with 20 squares each.
A suitable exhibit for 2 of this animal has 40 squares containing terrain of:
40 Fresh Water
using 8 Kelp (MM) most liked plant
and using 13 Small Ocean Floor Rock (MM) most liked rock.
Other liked items:
Giant Pacific Clam (MM), Treasure Chest (MM), Deep Sea Diver Statue (MM)
Advanced Trick Area (MM), Dolphin Ball (MM), Orca Ball (MM)
Dolphin Hoop (MM), Orca Stage (MM), Sea Lion Beach Ball (MM)
Sea Lion Squeeze Horn (MM), Sea Lion Raft (MM)
Sea Otter Basketball Hoop (MM), Sea Otter Hoop (MM)

Download Link:

Hashtags: #Amazon #river #dolphin #pink #boto

Mekong Giant Catfish

Author:  Dennis1991

Requires:  MM


Download:  Press to Download

Hashtags: #fish #catfish #giant #endangered #river

River Sumida Picnic Table