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American Adventures

Designer:  -JimmyzHoopz-
Credits: Dinosaurman/Hendrix for assistance and models
Requires:  ES, AA, MM
Public Domain:  You must ask JimmyHoopz for permission
Language:  English
Description:  Contains various animals and scenery items from different places in North America. This Expansion also contains many scenery objects.
Screenshot: Visit Here
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Hashtags: #American #Adventures #pack #alligator #eagle #wolf #bobcat #fish #mountain #lion #bison #bear #caribou #otter #lynx #deer #owl #duck

Countries of the World: Peru

Designer: Tamara Henson

Original Creator:Several designers deserve credit for providing the original models for this pack including Bunyupy for the Peruvian Stream Lizard, Fox, and sea lion; Bunyupy and Zerosvalmont for the Peruvian Night monkey and just Zerosvalmont for the albatross; Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the original models I modified to produce the alpaca and cavies and for the models for the Andian Mountain Cat, marine otter; Dutch Designs for the model modified to make the mantled howler; Hispa designs for the model modified to create the spectral bat; Jannick for the stork model; and Otter Lord and Dragon_Unit911 for the model used for the Northern Pudu.

Requires: most of the animals in this pack just need basic ZT2 but a few need Radical Remakes new biomes. Aves is also needed for the birds. Species that need expansion packs are...

 Endangered Species is needed for the: Peruvian Stream Lizard and Sechuran Fox

 African Adventures is needed for the: Jabiru stork, Mantled Howler, Peruvian Night Monkey, and  Spectral Bat

 Marine Mania is needed for the: Marine Otter, South American Sea Lion, and Waved Albatross

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: none

Description: 15 animals from Peru in South America, some of which are found nowhere else. Included in this pack are the Alpaca, American Jibiru Stork, Andian Mountain Cat, Cuy Criollos Mejorados, mantled Howler Monkey, Marine Otter, Montane Cavy, Northern Pudu, Peruvian Night Monkey, Peruvian Stream Lizard, Sechuran Fox, South American Sea Lion, Spectral Bat, and Waved Albatross.



American Jabiru Stork

Andean Mountain Cat

Cuy Criollos Mejorados

Manled Howler Monkey

Marine Otter

Montaine Cavy

Northern Pudu

Peruvian Night Monkey

Peruvian Stream Lizard

Sechuran Fox

South American Sea Lion

Spectral Bat

Waved Albatross

Download Link:

Hashtags#Countries_of_the_World #Peru #Tamara_Henson #bird #albatross #bat #sea #lion #alpaca #fox #lizard #reptile #monkey #primate #pudu #deer #cavy #otter #cat #stork

Countries of the World: Argentina

Creator: Treebeard

Original Creator: Many designers get credit for this pack. Credit goes to Hendrix/DinosaurMan for the original models for the squirrel, fox, and the coral snake. Credit goes to Tamara Henson for the edited snake model I used for the coral snake (originally for the Brazil pack's Red-tailed Boa,) as well as the fox and squirrel sound files. Thanks to the ABC team for the original fur seal mesh and texture and the weasel model. Hispa Designs created the original rattlesnake model. Dutch Designs gets credit for the penguin's model.

Requires:  ES, AA, MM and EA

Public Domain: Yes, as long as you credit anyone mentioned above as well.

English only (Sorry!)

None, although occasionally the fox will flash white for a few seconds.

8 new animals native to Argentina; from the rainforests to the Pampas, the beaches to the polar islands.


Brazilian Squirrel

Patagonian Gray Fox

Southern River Otter

South American Fur Seal

Painted Coral Snake

Cascavel (A subspecies of Tropical Rattlesnake)

King Penguin

Patagonian Weasel

Download Link:

Hashtags: #weasel #penguin #bird #snake #reptile #seal #otter #fox #squirrel

Countries of the World: Japan

Name: Countries of the World: Japan

Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding...

DinosaurMan/Hendrix for the otter, pheasant, red fox, and snake meshes. DinosaurMan and the ABC crew for the sea lion and crane.
Chucha, Deinonychus 110, and manuel for the pigeon. Ulquiorra/koiking for use of his young European rabbit and leopard gecko(original by DM)and buzzard(based on a model by GLM) meshes. He also deserves partial credit on the racoon dog mesh (he shortened the legs for me). Zerosvalmont for the young dingo mesh used to create the raccoon dog. Many thanks to Tom for the Asian Golden Cat mesh. And finally Z-Studio for the rat mesh.

AA: African Adventures for the Ryuku Serpent Eagle, Amami Rabbit, and possibly the Iriomote Cat.
ES: Endangered Species for the Japanese raccoon dog, Japanese fox, and Kikuzantos brook snake
MM: Marine Mania for the Japanese Otter and Sea Lion.
Aves and Wilde China recommended for the green pheasant and Japanese crane, and Bonin wood pigeon.
EA: needed for the extinct icon in the sea lion and pigeon.

Public Domain: Yes for all but the Iriomote cat mesh (the skin and coding is still PD), you must ask Tom to use it.

Language: English

Bugs:  The rabbit may refuse to eat. To fix this place only one food at a time (say hay) and when they refuse to eat it place a different food like grass. When they refuse to eat any thing in the menu delete all food dishes in the exhibit then restart the game. They should now eat when you put down food.

Description: Thirteen new animals native to Japan. It includes the Amami or Ryukyu rabbit, Bonin Wood Pigeon, Green Pheasant, Iriomote cat, Japanese Otter, Japanese fox (Kitsune), Japanese raccoon dog (Tanuki), Japanese Sea Lion, Kikuzatos brook snake, Kuroiwas ground gecko, Red Crowned Crane, Ryukyu serpent eagle, and Tanezumi rat.


Amami or Ryukyu rabbit

Bonin Wood Pigeon

Green Pheasant males

Green Pheasant female & juvenile male

Iriomote cat

Japanese Otter

Japanese fox (Kitsune)

Japanese raccoon dog (Tanuki)

Japanese Sea Lion

Kikuzatos Brook Snake

Kuroiwas Ground Gecko

Red Crowned Crane

Ryukyu serpent eagle

Tanezumi rat

Download Link:

Hashtags: #rat #rodent #eagle #bird #crane #gecko #reptile #lizard #snake #sea #lion #tanuki #fox #otter #cat #pheasant #pigeon #rabbit

Countries of the World: Pakistan

Continent Pack: Pakistan

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for allowing the use of their models for this project. Blue Fang gets credit for the zt2 grizzly bear model, Penguinman for the Artifex models used for the Himalayan Marmot and Pakicetus, Hispa Designs for the Fishing Cat, Kangorillaphant for the adult Urial models,and DinosaurMan for all the rest.

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains 12 new animals native to the country of Pakistan. As in other Countries of the World downloads all animals are in separate files for creating your dream zoo.

The files included are the Common European Kingfisher, Fishing Cat, Himalayan Brown Bear, Himalayan Marmot, Kashmir Deer (includes a bonus bouncy ride), Kashmir Gray Langur, Marco Polo Sheep, the prehistoric whale ancestor Pakicetus, Smooth-Coated Otter, Urial, Western Horned Tragopan, and Yellow-Throated Otter.

Bugs: Two animals have minor bugs...

Marco Polo Sheep: The juvenile male grows to huge size when it first becomes an adult but then quickly shrinks down to normal size. This hilarious effect lasts only a few seconds and does not effect game play.

Urial: The male's horns will revert back to the Ibex model at a certain distance but will return to the proper mesh when you get closer to the animal.

Notes: The Pakicetus CAN swim but it will avoid the water if given a choice. Just make a deep river through their cage that they must cross to get to food on one side and shelter on the other to watch them play in the water.

Requirements: Most just need ZT2, the exceptions are...

ES : Fishing Cat, Kashmir Deer
AA : Common Kingfisher, Kashmir Gray Langur
MM : Smooth-Coated Otter
EA : Pakicetus (as it includes fossils)


Common (Eurasian)Kingfisher

Fishing Cat

Himalayan Brown Bear

Himalayan Marmot

Kashmir Deer and Bouncy Ride

Kashmir Gray Langur

Marco Polo Sheep


Smooth-Coated Otter


Western Horned Tragopan

Yellow-Throated Marten

Download Link:

Location: Exclusive

Hashtags: #marten #tragopan #bird #urial #sheep #otter #pakicetus #langur #monkey #primate #ride #marmot #bear #cat #kingfisher

Arabian Nights: MM Animals 2

Creator:  Artifex

Requires:  Marine Mania

Description:  This includes the Indus River dolphin, smooth otter, Caspian turtle, and hilsa prey.

Download Link:  


Hashtags: #Indus #River #dolphin #otter #Caspian #turtle #reptile #hilsa #prey

Asian Small - Clawed Otter

Author:  Penguinman and Animalover44

Requires:   Marine Mania


Download Link:

Hashtags:  #Asian #small #clawed #otter #mustelid

Fire Otter Variant

author: wolfmanalone

requires: MM


Bugs/Information/Notes:This is my first download. There is only one glitch: the otter varients never get dirty.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #fire #otter #variant