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Countries of the World: Cambodia

Designer: Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator:The following designers need credit for the original models and skins (many higly modified) used to create the creatures in this pack...

Aurora Designs: Sam & Dacentru's monitor lizard, Simba's peacock crest (modified in the Florican), and the gibbon model; Crookedjaw/Terrena Laxamentum: River turtle; Dutch Designs Primata Models: used for the douc and lutang; dwyqyjt and XXH_New_Times: Guar (used as the base for the Kouprey; Gerben and Jannick: Griffon Vulture; Hendrix: Bluebird, Boa Constrictor (used for sunbeam snake), Chicken (used for Junglefowl), Florican body, Ibis, RR African leopard; Raulfpv: Mouse Lemur (used as base for the loris; Terrena Laxamentum: Xingu River Ray; and Ulquiorra (Asian Black Bear).

Requires: All expansion packs and Aurora Designs new Biomes.

Public Domain: yes

Language: English

Bugs: none

Description: 16 animals native to the country of Cambodia, many rare or endangered and native to tropical dry forests.


Asain Fairy Bluebird

Bengal Florican

Cloud Monitor

Clouded Leopard

Giant Ibis

Golden Moon Bear


Mekong Freshwater Stingray

Pygmy Slow Loris

Red Junglefowl

Red-Headed Vulture

Red-Shanked Douc

Silvery Lutang

Southern River Terrapin

Sunbeam Snake

Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon

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Gibbon Pack

Creator:  Penguinman

Requires:  ES

Description: This pack contains the White-Handed Gibbon Which has multiple variant skins. The Silvery Gibbon and the Hollock Gibbon which lives in temperate forest.

Hollock Gibbon -
Silvery Gibbon on the left and White-Handed Gibbon on the right -

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