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Countries of the World: New Zealand

Designers: Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator: Many designers deserve credit for providing the base models, coding, and skins used for this project:

Aurora Designs for the penguin; Bahia46, JimmyHoopaz, and Zerosvalmont for the dog; Bunyupy for the lizards; Chucha, Dn and Eryel for the Pigeon; Jannick for the Falcon; Hendrix for the Jay Animations (used for many of the birds, frog, and Tuatara; Ulquiorra for the Centipede, and the frog reproduction coding; Zerosvalmont for the Kiwis, Spider (with Hendrix), and Tazmanian Devil (used for the St. Bathens Mammal; The ZTABC Team for the stilt, duck, snake animations (used for the eel and centipede), and sealion. All others by Whalebite.

Requires: All expansion packs, WWD: Spirits of the Ice Forests,  and Aves. It may also need Hendrix's European Jay.

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

Bugs: There are three known bugs...
1: The Copper Skinks get stuck when feeding from the Carcass (and more rarely the reptile pool)and the eggs hatch before the egg timer is full.

2: Adult Moa distort when laying down and the young when running fast. Their eggs take a while to hatch even after the egg timer fills.

3: Wrybill has incorrect nodes so cannot eat, drink, or lay eggs. They are not coded to eat/drink but food can be placed as props. They will get pregnant and crouch to lay the egg but no egg appears.

Description: This download contains 25 animals (one an ambient) from the country of New Zealand.


Archey's Frog

Black Stilt

Blue Duck

Copper Skink

Giant Kokopu

Great Spotted Kiwi

Jewelled Gecko

Katipo Spider

Kea (Remake) and Red-Crowned Parakeet Ambient (Contained in same file)

Kuri (Extinct breed of dog)

New Zealand Falcon

New Zealand Giant Centipede

New Zealand Longfin Eel

New Zealand Pigeon (Remake)

New Zealand Sealion

Northern Brown Kiwi

North Island Kokako

South Island Giant Moa

St. Bathen's Mammal

Tui (Parson Bird)and Updated Nectar Feeder



Yellow-Eyed Penguin

Southern Tuatara

Hack to change the WWD Tuatara to the Northern Tuatara. The two species do NOT get along.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #CountriesOfTheWorld #COTW #NewZealand #TamaraHenson #Whalebite #Frog #Stilt #Duck #Kiwi #Spider #Fish #Dog #Centipede #SeaLion #Tuatara #Weka #Rail #Bird #Moa #Extinct

Countries of the World: Cambodia

Designer: Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator:The following designers need credit for the original models and skins (many higly modified) used to create the creatures in this pack...

Aurora Designs: Sam & Dacentru's monitor lizard, Simba's peacock crest (modified in the Florican), and the gibbon model; Crookedjaw/Terrena Laxamentum: River turtle; Dutch Designs Primata Models: used for the douc and lutang; dwyqyjt and XXH_New_Times: Guar (used as the base for the Kouprey; Gerben and Jannick: Griffon Vulture; Hendrix: Bluebird, Boa Constrictor (used for sunbeam snake), Chicken (used for Junglefowl), Florican body, Ibis, RR African leopard; Raulfpv: Mouse Lemur (used as base for the loris; Terrena Laxamentum: Xingu River Ray; and Ulquiorra (Asian Black Bear).

Requires: All expansion packs and Aurora Designs new Biomes.

Public Domain: yes

Language: English

Bugs: none

Description: 16 animals native to the country of Cambodia, many rare or endangered and native to tropical dry forests.


Asain Fairy Bluebird

Bengal Florican

Cloud Monitor

Clouded Leopard

Giant Ibis

Golden Moon Bear


Mekong Freshwater Stingray

Pygmy Slow Loris

Red Junglefowl

Red-Headed Vulture

Red-Shanked Douc

Silvery Lutang

Southern River Terrapin

Sunbeam Snake

Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #CountriesoftheWorld #TamaraHenson #Cambodia #Bluebird #Monitor #CloudedLeopard #GiantIbis #MoonBear #Kouprey #MekongRiver #Stingray #Junglefowl #Vulture #Douc #Lutang #Primate #Loris #Monkey, #Terripin #Turtle #Snake #Gibbon

Heavenly Hawaii

Designer: Tamara Henson

Original Creator: The models and coding of many designers made this project possible. Artifex for the Pritchardia and Lehua plants; Chucha for the finch; Hendrix for the raven, hoopoe (used for the O-O and Honeycreeper), duck, spider, and bat meshes;  Jimmyzhoopaz and Janneck for the goose; Zerosvalmont for the hawk, petrel, seal, and (with Hendrix) the spider.

Requires: All Expansions (ES, AA, MM, and EA) and the spider prefers the Volcanic Biome.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Seal does nor breed but has a separate young to select.

Description: A collection of Hawaiian animals and plants including the Hawaiian crow, Hawaiian duck, Hawaiian Goose, Hawaiian Hawk, Hawaiian Hoary Bat, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hawaiian O-O, Hawaiian Petrel, Kaua'i Cave Spider, Nihoa Finch, and Scarlet Honey Creeper. Foliage contains the Koa Tree, Candelnut Tree, several types of Hibiscus plant, the Pritchardia palm, and Ohi'a Lehua. There is also a Hawaiian resteraunt for guests to enjoy poi and similar native foods.


Hashtags:Hawaiian Goose

Hawaiian Petrel

Nihoa Finch

Hawaiian Hawk

Hawaiian Duck

Hawaiian Crow

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Hoary Bat

Kaua'i Cave Wolf Spider

Hawaiian O-O

Scarlet Honeycreeper

Hawaiian Resteraunt

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #TamaraHenson #Hawaii #Heavenly Hawaii

Countries of the World: 2017 Update Mini-Pack

Designer:  Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator: Zoo Tycoon ABC and Interesting Islands Team

Requires:  Sumatran Orangutan (found in COTW: Indonesia), Endangered Species, African Adventures, and Marine Mania.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: Eland baby is distorted.

Description:   This download contains a hack that fixes the most common bugs in my COTW packs. It contains...

  • A fix for the Sumatran Orangutan's  eyes.

  • Fixes the rabbit "won't eat bug" fixed. This will fix for all COTW rabbits that had food issues and the Al-Mi-Raj from  Unique Unicorns.

  • Menelik Bushbuck's tsk. file fixed.

  • Blood Python adult gift fixed

The following animals are also included. They have been completely re-coded and given an updated model. The originals will not be needed, all the necessary files are included in the hack...

  • Livingstone's Eland

  • Sennar Roan Antelope

  • Patagonian Sea Lion (AKA: South American Sea Lion)


Orangutan Eye-glitch Fixed

Sennar Roun Antelope COTW Remake

Patagonian Sea Lion remake

Livingstone's Eland remake

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #SumatranOrangutan #Rabbits #Livingstone'sEland #Eland #RoanAntelope #SennarRoanAntelope #Sudan #Hack #TamaraHenson #PatagonianSeaLion #SouthAmericanSeaLion

Countries of the World: Botswana

Name: Countries of the World: Botswana

Creators: Tamara Henson, Whalebite, and Sneke-bite

Original Creators: For this pack I need to credit several people for the original models I used to create the animals within. Aurora Designs for the roan antelope and moongoose models; Jannek for the bushbuck; Hendrix for the grysbok and lizard; Platypus for the stork; and Dragon-unit911 for the reedbucks.

Requires: Endangered species and African Adventures. May need Artiodactyla.

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

Bugs: None

Description: A remake of Countries of the World: Botswana. It contains an updated version of the Common Bushbuck (Imbabala), Cotton's Roan Antelope, Mountain Reedbuck, Southern Reedbuck, Selous Mongoose, White-Tailed Mongoose, Sharpe's Grysbok, and Wooly-Necked Stork. It also contains a bonus animal: the Transvaal Girdled Lizard.


Bushbuck (Imbabala) male

Bushbuck (Imbabala) female

Cotton's Roan Antelope

Mountain Reedbuck

Selous Mongoose

Sharpe's Grysbok

Southern Reedbuck

White-Tailed Mongoose

Wooly-Necked Stork

Transvaal Girdled Lizard

Download Link:

Hashtags: #CountriesoftheWorld #COTW #Botswana #Africa #TamaraHenson #Snake-bite #Whalebite #Reedbuck #Mongoose #Lizard #Bushbuck #Grysbok #Antelope #Stork

Countries of the World: Mexican Prairie Dog Fixed

Designer: SLGray

Description: This download fixes the no name enrichment item for the Mexican prairie dog. The download includes the Mexican prairie dog and the enrichment. Please delete the old version if you have it.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #fixed #Mexican #prairie #dog #enrichment

Countries of the World: Scenery & Building Fixed

Designer:  SLGray

Description:  This download fixes the no name boucy ride from the Russia pack of COTW.   Also it fixes the Russian bathroom filter issue. Please delete the old version if you have it.

Download Link:

Hashtags:  #COTW #Russia #bouncy #ride #bathroom #fixed

Countries of the World: Bearded & Grey Seals Fixed

Designer: SLGray

Description: This download will fix the issue of the grey seal removing the bearded seal's name in the game. Please delete the old version if you have it.

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #grey #bearded #seal #fixed

Countries of the World: Cape Eland Fixed

Designer:  SLGray

Description:  This is just a fixed z2f file of the Cape Eland.  It fixes the no name issue in the game.  Please delete the old version if you have it.

Download Link:

Hashtags:  #fixed #cape #eland #COTW

Countries of the World: Indonesia

Countries of the World: Indonesia

Designer:  Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Many talented designers need to be credited for the models, base skins, and original coding used to create this project, give thanks to...

Dinosaurman/Hendrix for his Badger, Boa Constrictor, Raven Pangolin, Muntjak and Orangutan(With Longisquama), Chicken (with German 13), and RR Gibbon; Eryel for the Rhinoceros, and (with Maximillian, and Zerosvalmont) for the Asian elephant model and base skin; lgcfm for the Stoat; Sim'Z for his African wild dog; Zoocrazy y Lights for his jaguarundi; Zerosvalmont for the dingo pup model; Zeros y Chucha for his Flying Fox; and Z-Studio for their Giant Rat.

Requires: African Adventures, Endangered Species, Marine Mania, and Radical Remake's new biomes. The colugo may need DM's bat.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: The Green jungle fow's crow sometimes does not sound. Rarly the orangutan will glitch and not give birth. Saving the game during pregnancy and then reloading it sometimes fixes this glich.

Description: 15 animals native to Indonesia, including those endemic to Borneo and Sumatria.


Bay cat

Blood Python

Bornean Bristlehead

Bornean Elephant

Bornean Rhinoceros

Bornean Yellow Muntjac

Green Junglefowl

Malayan Colugo/Sunda Flying Lemur

Malaysian Weasel

Muller's gibbon

Sumatran Dhole

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatrian Giant Rat

Sunda Pangolin

Sunda Stink Badger

Download Link:

Hashtags: #COTW #countriesoftheworld #Indonesia #Borneo #Sumatra

santa [b]MERRY CHRISTMAS![/b] santa

Countries of the World: Somalia

Creator:  Tamara Henson & Treebeard

Original Creator: Several people need credit for the original models, skin details, and coding used in this pack.

Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the bat, jerboa, mongoose, galago, hedgehog, leopard, dik-dik (with Longisquamata) and ostrich meshes; Doc 118 for the mesh used for Naked mole rat; Jannick and the dube Warrior's team's for zebra mesh used for the Somali wild ass; Triceraptor Rex and Slice for the Beisa Oryx; and Zebrasoru for the lesser kudu.

Requires:  Most of these downloads use only zoo tycoon 2 but will benefit from having the Radical Remake new biomes as many are coded to prefer the tropical dry forest biome. The bat needs DM's bat and the jerboa needs the European Expedition jerboa found in the EE-new bonus downloads. All the animals below need African Adventures - Somali Hedgehog, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Food occasionally sticks to the hedgehog's face

Description: 13 animals native to the country of Somalia in Africa. This pack includes the Beisa Oryx, Silver Dik-Dik, Somali Ostrich, Somali Wild Ass, Somali Leopard (including the super-rare king leopard color phase), Somali Hedgehog, Somali Galago, Somali Dwarf Mongoose, Somali Desert Warthog, Schlieffen's Bat, Northern Lessr Kudu, Naked-Mole Rat, and Lesser Egyptian Jerboa.


Beisa Oryx Adult, Juvenile, and Young

Northern Kudu

Desert Warthog

Somali Galago

Somali Hedgehog

Silver dikdik

Somali Ostrich

Naked Mole Rats

Somali Wild Ass

Somali Leopard

Schieffen's Bat

Lesser Egyptian Jerboa

Download Link:

Hashtags: #cotw #Countries_of_the_World #Africa #Somalia #Somali #Tamara_Henson #Treebeard #jerboa #bat #leopard #feline #equine #equid #rat #ostrich #bird #dikdik #hedgehog #galago #primate #warthog #kudu #oryx #antelope

Countries of the World: Argentina Bonus Animals

Creator: Tamara Henson & Treebeard

Original Creator: DinosaurMan/Hendex

Requires:  ES for the Mara and AA for the Armadillo

Public Domain:  Yes

Language:  English

Bugs: Food sometimes sticks to the Armadillo's face

Description: This mini-pack includes two new animals for Countries of the World: Argentina. It contains the Patagonian Mara and the Pink Fairy Armadillo. It also includes a hack that adds the missing Guest folders to the pack so that zoo visitors can see the animals.


Patagonian mara

Pink Fairy Armadillo

Download Link: Argentina Bonus Animals

Hashtags: #CountriesoftheWorld #COTW #PatagonianMara #PinkFairyArmadillo #Armadillo #Argentina #TamaraHenson #Treebeard

Countries of the World: RR Biome Hack

Creator/Designer/Author: Treebeard
Original Creator: Tamara Henson
Requires:  ES,  AA, MM,  EA, RR Biomes
Public Domain: Yes, except for the Bajii.
Language: English
Bugs: None
Description/Information/Notes: Moves animals from the older COTW packs to more accurate biomes from the new Radical Remake system. Comes in two parts; replace the old Z2Fs.

Download Link: Part One     Part Two
Hashtags: #COTW #biome #hack