Zoo Tycoon 2 Contest
Island Trip
Show & Tell

To enter this contest,
you first need to join the Event Participants group.
Then you can start your show & tell in this section.
Add the contest title in the topic description.

You are allowed to enter 2 show & tells.
They must include islands which can be in
oceans, rivers, and/or lakes.
You must use the boat tour by ZTABC.
There must be at least 2 screenshots and 2 paragraphs of text.
in each posts of your show & tells.
Each post in your show & tells must be separated by a 24-hour period.
Your show & tell must contain at least 10 posts.
Do not use fences and/or walls that can be seen for your exhibits.
The animals must be ones that live in or near
oceans, lakes, and/or rivers.

The winners will be based on following the rules and creativity.