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descriptionSolenodon Mini Pack

Designer:  Lgcfm, Whalebite, Ulquiorra
Credit:  Hendrix for base hamster model, model edits by Whalebite and Ulquiorra. MrGorsh for scale texture. ZTABC for burrow model, base skin and coding.
Requires:  ZT2
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs:  They run a bit too fast to get into the burrow
Description:   A mini pack with both extant solenodon species; the Hispaniolan and Cuban Solenodon, as well as plain dirt burrows useable by them and other animals. Part of Interesting Islands 2.

Download Link:
Hashtags:  #Lgcfm #pack #solenodon #Cuban #hispaniolan #shelter #burrows


descriptionRe: Solenodon Mini Pack

Please redownload it.  Lgcfm has fixed a bug and added a smaller shelter.


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