Here are the duties that are performed by the Administrators:
-Test and approve uploaded downloads.
-Fix broken images and non-working download links.
  ~When a non-working download link is replaced, you must reply to the topic that you have replaced the link
-Check the list of designers who have given us permission to host their downloads on the forum.
-Check other forums/sites for new released downloads by the designers in the list.
-Add hashtags to new and existing downloads
-Remove Divshare links and replace them if possible with a working alternative link from mediafire, dropbox, etc.

Additionally, you may have to:
-Download and upload downloads to a hosting site such as Mediafire, Dropbox, etc.
  ~This applies to downloads that are hosted on other forums and not at a file hosting site. If there is doubt, download the file and upload it to a hosting site and use the link provided by Mediafire, Dropbox, etc.
  ~If you have the download, upload it and post the fixed link. Also reply to the topic that you have fixed the download link.
-Take an in-game picture, then upload it to an image hosting site. You can then add your image to the post that has the broken image.

If you are interested, please send a private message to SLGray.