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descriptionIn ProgressCheap as Free Zoo: The First Year

The lowest possible starting amount for Challenge Mode in ZT2 is $5,000. So I got to thinking: could you actually start a successful zoo with just $5,000?

I give you...
Cheap as Free Zoo!
We begin with an overhead picture of the site, untouched:

The very first residents of Cheap as Free Zoo, a pair of Muscovy ducks named Reynold and Foxface. (Yes, oohsparkly2 is a shameless Cheat Commandos fan.) Foxface is on the left, Reynold is on the right.

We can't have a happy zoo without happy guests, now, can we? So here's Cheap as Free Zoo's Cheap as Free Food Court.

Some overhead views of the duck farm.

A globe statue. Because I need to Build playgrounds, statues, fountains, and kiosks to amuse guests! Rolling Eyes

Let's close out our first month with a shot of some happy and well-educated visitors to the duck farm.

So ends the first in-game month of Cheap as Free Zoo. When February started, I was $135 in debt. But it was worth it.

For those curious, I used Ulquiorra's Duck Pack.

By the way, I bought a male mallard duck as well, but I haven't named him yet...I'll post a photo of him when I start the next month. In the meantime, I'm taking naming suggestions!

descriptionIn ProgressRe: Cheap as Free Zoo: The First Year

Thanks for sharing your zoo.

descriptionIn ProgressFebruary/March

I'm not taking naming suggestions anymore. Because I was bored.

This is Uncle. (Not Cheat Commandos-related, I know. I just thought "Uncle" was a funny name. Razz)

On an unrelated note, I thought, "Why should Cheap as Free Zoo stop with just a duck farm? Why not a fish tank as well?" Specifically, a Smallmouth Bass tank (thanks, American Adventures!) Here is a photo of it in progress.

And here is the finished tank, still empty:

While I was building the smallmouth bass tank, Foxface got pregnant (didn't bother to check who the father is). So we should see the number of animals, and therefore the zoo fame, skyrocket. Very Happy

$435 in debt, but we're no longer just a duck farm. Wink

Foxface and Reynold's ducklings are here! Four boys, three girls. Here they are as eggs (we also had an infertile egg):

They hatched not long afterwards. Although they were hatched after St. Patrick's Day, I gave them St. Patrick's/Irish-themed names.

Rainbow (girl):

Finn (boy):

Goldie (girl):

Guinness (boy):

Patrick (boy):

Jig (boy):

Clover (girl):

Also, I finally placed two smallmouth bass, one of each gender. No photos yet, though. And I also hired a maintenance worker! You need one when you only have one trash can. Razz

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