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I have a gazillion downloaded stuff (among them the Aves pack). When I place ostriches (the ones from the base game, not any downloaded version) they’re always neon pink and have yellow A’s, surrounded by blue circles, where their eyes should be. I mentioned Aves because I’ve heard that the glitch is related to Aves. How can I set this right? And anyone know of a good remake? And I just want an ostrich remake. I’d prefer not to go the Radical Remake route because you have to download everything together. Sad

Edit: if anyone else is having this problem, I highly recommend using the Somali Ostrich from COTW instead. I know, scrub instead of savannah, but it works just fine in the savannah! Smile
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I have never had this issue with Aves.  Do you have the one from HENDRIX's Google Drive under ZTABC?
Yeah, I think that’s it. The one that says ZTABC_AVES or something like that. I’m running a scan on my laptop, so I can’t check now. But I will soon. Smile

Thanks for the friend request. You are soooo kind.
Do you have any other downloads?
Here’s what I got (besides Aves):
European Expeditions
American Adventures
Obsessional Ocean
These Countries of the World packs: Argentina, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo Remake, India, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Russia, Somalia, Tunisia, United States Remake
Interesting Islands: Hawaii
The Cretaceous Calamity teaser pack (temperate rainforest biome and Albertosaurus)
The Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (I got it off ZT2 Round Table)
The Admiral’s Galley restaurant
Some other downloads whose names I can’t remember (I remember that there was some African raptor pack, some primate pack, some lemur pack, and some other odds and ends - I will have to Google them).

I’ve got to clean out my ZT2 downloads one of these days...there’s stuff I downloaded that I don’t even like anymore! Razz

Edit: Replaced the Aves with the Aves from the Exclusives section on this board. Worked like magic! No more creepy A-eyed pink ostriches! THANKS!
(Also, I got rid of the aforementioned lemur pack and the Cretaceous Calamity teaser.)
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