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descriptionBans / Warnings

First topic message reminder :

This topic is where you post about the warnings and bans you give members.

Please use this form to post about the warnings and bans -


[b]Link To Member's Profile:[/b]
[b]Link(s) To Post(s) Where The Member(s) Has/Have Broken The Rules:[/b]

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descriptionImage Resizer

This image resizer is meant to be an improvement over Forumotion's default resizer, by using CSS to resize the images and JavaScript to provide additional options. It'll resize the images much faster as it utilizes CSS to set height and width restrictions rather than JavaScript.


  •  Enlarge / Reduce Image size
  •  Show full image
  •  Download image ( Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave Only )
  •  Lightbox effect when clicking on resized images

descriptionSimple Theme Changer

This plugin installs a simple theme changer onto the forum that changes the basic colors.

Notes :
- The rainbow option has been removed.
- When changing the theme, the scroll bars will also change colors. ( Webkit browsers only ; Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave, etc.. )
- Your chosen theme will persist throughout the forum.

descriptionNew Fonts Added to the Editor

Now you can use these fonts in your posts:

  • AR Berkley
  • AR Blanca
  • AR Bonnie
  • AR Carter
  • AR Cena
  • AR Christy
  • AR Darling
  • AR Decode
  • AR Delaney
  • AR Destine
  • AR Essence
  • AR Hermann
  • AR Julian

descriptionDisplay User Activity in the Profile

The purpose of this plugin is to show the activity of the user whose profile you're currently viewing. The data is retrieved from the viewonline page and displayed in a new module just below the basic user data. Take the preview below as an example.

descriptionUser Avatar Before Mentions

This small plugin will allow you to show the avatar of the user you mentioned on the forum.

descriptionCode Snippet Button

Code Snippets are generally used to post small portions of code that are displayed inline with text.

descriptionEmotiUser - Become Your Own Personal Emoticon

With this plugin you can become your very own emoticon by using your avatar ! Not only that, you can choose from dozens of EmotiUser's by changing the id to that of the desired user.

Since I'm "u1" it'll parse the text as my beautiful avatar. (
) You can also change the id to use other member's avatars as emoticons !

Note : Avatars are dynamically retrieved, so if the user changes their avatar it'll also change in older posts.

descriptionAlphabetical Search Bar for the Memberlist

This plugin installs a bar above the memberlist with a list of preset letters, so you can easily search members by the first letter in their name.

descriptionPost Cards

What are post cards ? Post cards display a brief summary about a linked post, so you can get an idea of who wrote the message and what they said without actually quoting the post. The cards are created by posting the direct link to a message, so no bbcode is required.

How does it work ?
It's incredibility easy ! Just copy the direct link to a post -- like the one below -- and paste it into your message. After you post or preview your message the link will automatically be converted into a post card ! No bbcode, no problem !

Direct post link :


Result when posted :

You can post the direct link to any post in your forum OR posts from other Forumotion forums, and the links will automatically be converted into post cards. Posts that are not visible however, will display a placeholder card.

descriptionAuto-Suggest @Mentions as You Type

This plugin for the editor auto-suggests you usernames while you're typing a @handle ( mention ). Clicking the suggestions or pressing enter will automatically complete the @handle so you can save time typing ! Plus to make the mentioning system more user-friendly this plugin auto-inserts quotes, so you don't have to worry about failing to tag anyone ever again !

How does it work ?

  • Typing only the at symbol "@" in the editor will bring up a list of the recently connected users.
  • Typing "@" with a letter after the symbol such as "@a" will bring up a list of users who begin with the letter "a". As you continue typing the results will narrow down !
  • When the suggestion list pops up, you can move through the suggestions using the UP and DOWN arrow keys, pressing ENTER will auto-complete the @handle. You can also select mentions with the mouse.
  • To cancel the suggestion list simply press the SPACE bar.

descriptionLive Search

This plugin enables search bars to automatically search for topics as you type. Searches are performed with the wildcard(*) to ensure that you get results without having to type the entire word.

descriptionGIFActif - Giphy Button for the Editor

What is GIFActif ? GIFActif is a Giphy search plugin for the free forum service, Forumotion aka Forumactif. GIFActif adds a new button to the message editor that gives your members the ability to search for GIFS and attach them to their messages without ever leaving the page ! Why express yourself with just words alone when you can add a GIF to your message to liven things up ?

How does it work ?

  • GIFActif adds a new button to the editor with the Giphy logo -->

  • Clicking the button opens the Giphy search drop down.
  • Type any words you want into the search bar and you'll immediately be presented with GIFs relevant to your keywords.
  • Scrolling to the end of the results will load more results.
  • Click the GIF you want to add to your message and you're done !
  • Open the drop down again to find more GIFs !!

descriptionCopy Code


Note : This may not work for some outdated browsers.

descriptionTwitter Emoji


descriptionAdditional Options for Hashtags

Hashtag popup options:

SCEditor hashtag button:

descriptionMake the Mentioning System Easier to Use


descriptionFont Awesome in Editor


descriptionHTML Special Symbols Button in the SCEditor


descriptionPersonal Emoticons


1. Adding New Custom Emoticons
To add new emoticons, go to your edit profile page, click the textarea for the "Personal Emoticons" field, and follow the steps below !

  1. Paste an image URL into the input field. ( a preview of your emoticon will display on the left )
  2. Click the "+" button to add more emoticons. ( optional )
  3. Click the "Update" button to update the textarea.
  4. Save your profile changes.
  5. Your new emoticons should now be available !

2. Uploading Custom Emoticons
If you don't have a direct link to an image, but a file on your computer, you can use the upload button. Clicking this button will open servimg so that you can upload your emoticons.

3. Deleting Custom Emoticons
Tired of the emoticons you've added and want to remove them ? Go to your edit profile page, click the textarea for the "Personal Emoticons" field, and follow the steps below !

  1. Click the "-" button to remove a custom emoticon.
  2. Click the "Update" button to update the textarea.
  3. Save your profile changes.
  4. The emoticon is now obliterated !

4. Sorting Custom Emoticons
Are your emoticons not in the right order ? Don't worry, you can sort them ! To sort emoticons, go to your edit profile page, click the textarea for the "Personal Emoticons" field, and follow the steps below !

  1. Click the up or down buttons to change the position of your emoticons.
  2. Click the "Update" button to update the textarea when you're done sorting.
  3. Save your profile changes.
  4. Everything is in order now !

5. Using Custom Emoticons
Custom Emoticons are just like any other emoticon, except they're defined by you, the user ! To use custom emoticons, simply proceed to a topic, open the emoticon drop down ( or choose them from the side ), and scroll to the bottom of the emoticon list if necessary. Your custom emoticons will always be at the top of the emoticon list by default, unless the admin chooses to display them at the bottom. Simply click the emoticon to add it to your post !

6. Why wont my emoticons update ?
If you updated your emoticons on another computer or device and they didn't update on the other, go to Edit Profile, click the textarea for your personal emoticons, and click the update button -- no need to save. Clicking the update button, clears the cache for your personal emoticons, so the next time you use the emoticons you'll see the new ones ! Your personal emoticons are cached in browser storage, allowing them to load quickly without sending any additional requests to the server. So you can also clear your browser cache to update the emoticon list.

descriptionPopup Module



descriptionProfile Popup

A popup for users' profile details upon clicking their username.

descriptionPreview Button for Topics

In the sub-forums, a preview button has been added to the topic titles.  When you click it, a popup preview of the topic will appear.

descriptionRe: All Archived Topics Combined

Show off some of your personal emoticons in this topic.


Are there any issues with the memberlist while using Topic'It?

descriptionRe: All Archived Topics Combined

@Godzillasaurus1951 have you tired this feature?
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