I while back I made this pack alongside Tamara Henson who made these wonderful skins, I originally used the regular frog but decided recently to use the tree frog instead.

Designer: iba5000 &  Tamara Henson
Original Creator:  ABC Crew
Requires: None
Public Domain: Yes
Bugs: None
Description: This pack includes: Blue Poison Dart Frog, Cauchero Poison Dart Frog, Lehmann's Poison Dart Frog, Red Valentine Poison Dart Frog & Santander Poison Dart Frog
Screenshot: Coming Soon
Download Link: Poison Dart Frog Pack A
Hashtags:  #PoisonDartFrog #Amphibian #Frog #ZooTycoon2 #Amphibia  #BluePoisonDartFrog #CaucheroPoisonDartFrog #LehmannsPoisonDartFrog #RedValentinePoisonDartFrog #SantanderPoisonDartFrog

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