Designer:  Tamara Henson and Whalebite

Original Creator: Zoo Tycoon ABC and Interesting Islands Team

Requires:  Sumatran Orangutan (found in COTW: Indonesia), Endangered Species, African Adventures, and Marine Mania.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: Eland baby is distorted.

Description:   This download contains a hack that fixes the most common bugs in my COTW packs. It contains...

  • A fix for the Sumatran Orangutan's  eyes.

  • Fixes the rabbit "won't eat bug" fixed. This will fix for all COTW rabbits that had food issues and the Al-Mi-Raj from  Unique Unicorns.

  • Menelik Bushbuck's tsk. file fixed.

  • Blood Python adult gift fixed

The following animals are also included. They have been completely re-coded and given an updated model. The originals will not be needed, all the necessary files are included in the hack...

  • Livingstone's Eland

  • Sennar Roan Antelope

  • Patagonian Sea Lion (AKA: South American Sea Lion)


Orangutan Eye-glitch Fixed

Sennar Roun Antelope COTW Remake

Patagonian Sea Lion remake

Livingstone's Eland remake

Download Link:

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