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descriptionJurassic Birds

Designer:  Whalebite
Original Creator: Tamara Henson and Hendrix for skin elements, and ZTabc for model for Archaeopteryx and Eosinopteryx. Tamara Henson, Samuel, and Hendrix for skin elements, Jannick for the model for the Epidexipteryx
Requires:  AA, EA, Aves, WWD New Blood, AD Biomes, Hendix's Incisivosaurus
Public Domain:  Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: Some calls don't appear to work
Description:  Some of the Earliest Birds now ready to grace your prehistoric parks
Archaeopteryx lithographica
Eosinopteryx brevipenna
Epidexipteryx hui
Download Link:
Hashtags: #Jurassic #Birds #extinct #Archaeopteryx #Eosinopteryx #Epidexipteryx

descriptionRe: Jurassic Birds

The download link has been replaced.
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