Name: Countries of the World: Botswana

Creators: Tamara Henson, Whalebite, and Sneke-bite

Original Creators: For this pack I need to credit several people for the original models I used to create the animals within. Aurora Designs for the roan antelope and moongoose models; Jannek for the bushbuck; Hendrix for the grysbok and lizard; Platypus for the stork; and Dragon-unit911 for the reedbucks.

Requires: Endangered species and African Adventures. May need Artiodactyla.

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

Bugs: None

Description: A remake of Countries of the World: Botswana. It contains an updated version of the Common Bushbuck (Imbabala), Cotton's Roan Antelope, Mountain Reedbuck, Southern Reedbuck, Selous Mongoose, White-Tailed Mongoose, Sharpe's Grysbok, and Wooly-Necked Stork. It also contains a bonus animal: the Transvaal Girdled Lizard.


Bushbuck (Imbabala) male

Bushbuck (Imbabala) female

Cotton's Roan Antelope

Mountain Reedbuck

Selous Mongoose

Sharpe's Grysbok

Southern Reedbuck

White-Tailed Mongoose

Wooly-Necked Stork

Transvaal Girdled Lizard

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