Designer:   Tamara Henson
Original Creator: BlueTongue Games
Requires:   Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Public Domain:  Yes
Language: English
Bugs: new animals use up the skin 2 slot of the animals whose basic model they use. As a result the basic animals do not have dead skins once they die.

Description: My first complete expansion pack for JPOG. It adds 8 new dinosaurs and three new dig sites to your game. Focusing on dinosaurs native to Australia and Antarctica it adds the species Australovenator (3 stars),  Austrosaurus (5 stars), Cryolophosaurus (3 stars), Diamantinasaurus (3 stars), Leallynasauria (4 stars), Minimi (2 stars), Muttaburrasaurus (4 stars), and Rapator (4 stars). The new dig sites are the Bungil, Eumaralla, and Witton formations.

The basic download comes with a Data file containing the mod (make sure you back up your original files first), a dds folder containing just the skin files (for those who like to do their own custom modding), and a pdf file containing the new Dinopedia.


Download Link:

The Original Download

Necessary Patch for proper Gameplay

Optional mod that turns the Cryolophosaurus into a Kakuru

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