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Dinosaurs of the East

on Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:48 pm
Dinosaurs of the East

Designer:  Tamara Henson

Original Creators:
The following designers need to be credited for the codes and models used for this project...
Andrew12 and Whalebite for their Geosternbergia model; Bill for the model used for the Appalachiosaurus; Bunyupy for his Nodosaur model used to create Panoloposaurus; Hendrix for his new animations and models used for the Ammosaurus and Podokesaurus; Jurassic Designs for the models used for the Astrodon and Pterosaurs as well as for their great theropod sound effects; One_Piece for the model used for Hadrosaurus; Philly for his young Deinocheherus model used to create the Coelosaurus;  PrimevalRaptor for the model used to make the Dryptosaurus;
and Sam for the model used for Eotrachodon.

Requires:  African Adventures, Extinct Animals, Hendrix WWD with the new animations, and whalbite and andrew12's Pterosauria pack.

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

Bugs: The Pterosaurs do not breed and without the Pterosauria pack the  female flashes.

Description: Eleven mesozoic reptiles from the continent of Appalachia (now the eatern United States). The pack includes the 'prosauropod' Ammosaurus, the Tyrannosaurs Appalachiosaurus and Dryptosaurus, the sauropod Astrodon, the ornithomimid Coelosaurus, the hadrosaurs Eotrachodon and Hadrosaurus, the coelophysid Podokesaurus, the nodosaur Priconodon and the pterosaurs Dawndraco and Geosternbergia. It also contains brand new maps for Cretaceous North America.











Pteranodon sternbergii

Juvenile (Dawndraco)

Adult (Geosternbergia)

Download Link:

Hashtags: #Dinosaurs #Appalachia #Pteranodon #Trachodon #Dryptosaurus #Astrodon #Appalachiosaurus #Hadrosaurus[/b]
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