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First topic message reminder :

Basically I have been working on translating downloads into English and fixing no name downloads.  When I say translate, I mean just the part of the lang file that shows the names in the game, not the zoopedias.

I have already fixed these no name downloads:

  • Bahia46's Kingdom of the Skies (Golden and Bald Eagle were removed since I already had those 2 downloads.)
  • Bohemian Rhaspody's Foliage

    • Bishop's Cap Cactus
    • Candelabra Tree
    • Saucer Magnolia
    • Parlour Palm
    • Nargusta

If someone wants to help translate downloads into English, please send me a PM.

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descriptionIn ProgressRe: SLGray's Projects

Since the exclusives section has been removed. My downloads will be found in the Zoo Tycoon 2 section.

descriptionIn ProgressRe: SLGray's Projects

I have been too busy to work on any downloads lately. I will try to work on some when I have some free time.
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