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Countries of the World


descriptionIn ProgressCountries of the World

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Well I have finally finished the next entry in the Countries of the World series. I just need to fix the elephant skin and finish testing the dhole and this pack is done. Expect it by Christmas santa

Bay cat

Blood Python

Bornean Bristlehead

Bornean Elephant

Bornean Rhinoceros

Bornean Yellow Muntjac

Giant Rat of Sumatria

Green Junglefowl

Malayan Colugo/Sunda Flying Lemur

Malaysian Weasel

Muller's gibbon

Sumatran Dhole

Sumatran Orangutan

Sunda Pangolin

Sunda Stink Badger

Tell me what you think.

descriptionIn ProgressRe: Countries of the World

New Zealand was just uploaded to the download section. Here are some more pictures for this giant pack.

South Island Giant Moa

The Moa Distorts when laying down or when running very fast, the last being quite comical but impossible to get a picture of due to the bird's speed  

the extinct St. Bathen's Mammal, the only native wild land mammal known from New Zealand



The wrybill's nif was mis-coded and is missing some nodes. As a result it cannot feed or reproduce. It is thus coded not to need food or water and gets pregnant but no eggs appear when the mother gives birth.

Copper Skink

Southern Tuatara

Hack to change the WWD Tuatara to the Northern Tuatara. The two species do NOT get along.

Enjoy everyone.

descriptionIn ProgressRe: Countries of the World

The pack is amazing! The only bug I've found is with the St. Bathen's Mammal. It is sometimes transparent around the neck and whiskers. But incredible work with them all!

descriptionIn ProgressRe: Countries of the World

The newest pack seems to be as great as the remaining ones (those RR-like/remade). Great work!

descriptionIn ProgressRe: Countries of the World

Just finisehd testing the last animal and they all look great ingame! Thank you a lot!
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