Designer: Tamara Henson

Original Creator: Many people deserve credit for providing the original models used to create this pack. Hendrix for the bullfrog, badger, muntjac (with Longisquama), bat, crocodile (with Zerosalmont), fireback (with German 13), and waterhen; Hispa Designs for the turtle; Whalebite, Chucha, Dn, and Eryel for the pigeon model used for the buzzard; Ulquiorra for the quail; Robbie and Titan, and Tyranachu for the deer; Zerosvalmont for the cat, jackal and dhole pup; Bunyupy for the gecko; Sam for the bear; and Sim'z for the adult dhole.

Requires:  Most of the animals need Endangered Species.  The Crested Honey Buzzard needs African Adventures and the Big-headed turtle needs Marine Mania. The quail, cat, fireback, and waterhen need regular ZT2. The Munjack needs the RR new biomes.  The banded bullfrog needs Amphibia, the bat needs DM's bat, and the crocodile needs Crocodilia.

Public Domain:  Yes

Language: English

Bugs: None. There is a mistake in the Jackal's zoopedia. The model used was Zero's coyote not a jackal.

Description: This pack contains 16 animals native to Thailand (Siam). They are the Banded Bullfrog, Big-Headed Turtle, Bornean Ferret-Badger, Crested Honey Buzzard, Fea's Muntjac, King Quail, Kittie's Hog-Nosed Bat , Schomburgh's Deer, Siamese Cat, Siamese Crocodile, Siamese Fireback, Siamese Green-Eyed Gecko, Siamese jackal, Southern Dhole, Sun Bear, and White-Breasted Waterhen.


Banded Bullfrog (AKA Chubby Frog)

Big-Headed Turtle

Bornean Ferret-Badger

Crested Honey Buzzard

Fea's Muntjac

Green-Eyed gecko

King Quail

Kittie's Hog-Nosed Bat

Schomburgh's Deer

Siamese Cat

Siamese Crocodile

Siamese Fireback

Siamese jackal

Southern Dhole

Sun Bear

White-Breasted Waterhen

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