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descriptionInto Darkness: The ZT2 Cave Expansion

Designer:  Whalebite
Original Creator: Hendrix for Bats, Salamander, and Formations, Zerosvalmont and CJ for Vampire bat coding and Swiftlet, Eryel for Townsend's, Thom and Toucan Corp for the fish, Z-studios for the blood food dish, and Jannick for the Oilbird
Requires:  AA, MM, European Expeditions, may need Amphibia
Public Domain: Yes
Language:  English
Bugs: Vampire Bat, Swiftlet, and both fish do not breed. Vampire bat does not drink the provided blood, place it over the insects to make it appear like they are drinking it
Description:  "I finally finished this expansion, it will allow you to build nice in game cave exhibits" - Whalebite
Download Link:
Hashtags: #cave #bird #fish #bat #salamander #amphibian

descriptionRe: Into Darkness: The ZT2 Cave Expansion

The download link has been replaced.
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