3/21/2010 Update: Please redownload.

Designers: Caddienoah and Exoticcats (CAEX)

This workbench is a reworking of a workbench, that was originally at ZooTek Phoenix, by Caddienoah. It has been redone especially for ZTWildlife by Caddienoah and Exoticcats (CAEX).

It requires three files from ZooTek Phoenix: Redbud Trees by Genki, Stepping Stone Paths by Catfish and Genki, and Trails and Edge Paths by Genki. These three files should be in the "dlupdate" file before the workbench is opened. We hope you enjoy building your zoo on it.

The workbench is on a large base.

Picture: Needs One

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bzjjn2mjyue