Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their original models and coding...

DinosaurMan for the European Raven (modified for the Blue jay)and Kagu (modified for the Belted Kingfisher), Northern Flicker and Pileted Woodpecker, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, and Bird Waterer (used for the feeder).

Chucha for his Zebra Finch modified for the Northern Cardinal and used for the American Goldfinch, and Painted Bunting.

Jannick: for the models used for the Mockingbird and Whip-poor-will.

Whalebite's Dusky Seaside Sparrow modified for the Baltimore Oriole and Red-Winged Blackbird and used for the Dark-Eyed Junco. He also deserves credit for most of the new bird calls.

Requires:  AA, Aves, and Wilde China

Public Domain: Yes but credit the original designers if using an unmodified mesh.

Language: English

Bugs:  Nectar feeder acts as water only for so some other food must be provided. Mockingbird does not use it's wings to fly as a result of the model choice. Birds have no sick or dirty skins.

Description: 13 common North American birds. The hummingbird also includes a feeder for nectar feeding animals and a Birds of North America filter.


Northern Cardinal

Blue Jay

Northern Mockingbird

Painted Bunting

American Goldfinch

Red-Winged Blackbird

Baltimore Oriole


Pelited Woodpecker

Belted Kingfisher

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker Variants

Red-throated Hummingbird and Nectar feeder

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