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descriptionWarrior Cats: Firestar

Name of Download: Zoo Tycoon 2: Warrior Cats- Teaser, Firestar
Creator: Neonraptor
Original Creator: Based off of -JimmyzHoopz-'s Jungle Cat
Language: English
Expansions Required: Endangered Species
Bugs: It says his location is Central Africa.
Credits: Hendrix for the model.
Description: Fire alone will save our Clan. This teaser for Zoo Tycoon 2: Warrior Cats contains one animal- Firestar!
Number of Variants: 0
Public Domain? No
Original Model? No
Original Sounds? No
Baby Variants? No
Baby Model? Yes
Zoopedia? Yes

Note: The picture displays a bug of a black line being on his forehead, I fixed it, so good ol' Rusty won't have it ingame.

Download Link:

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descriptionRe: Warrior Cats: Firestar

The download link has been replaced.
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