Creator:  Laura 'Tamara' Henson

Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for this pack: Bunyupy, Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Jimmyz Hoopz, Tyranachu, Ultamateterex2, Z-Studios, Kangorillophant, and Igcfm. See screenshots for more extensive credits.

Requires: All files require EA and the Steppetundra biome, The fox and Irish elk also requires ES.

Public Domain:  Yes, all the models, maps,sounds and skins are PD, just credit the original designers for the meshes and icons.

Language:  English.

Bugs: The fox and dirk-toothed cat have no fossils.

Description: This pack contains seven animals native to the Steppetundra biome and a Wooly Mammoth fountain. The Irish elk also contains a hack to the Steppetundra biome that fixes the Europe map.


Alopecoid Fox (mesh is Dinosaurman's red fox v2)

Cave Bear (mesh is Jimmyz Hoopz's black bear)

Dirk-toothed Cat (Adult is Ultamateterex2's young smilodon mesh, the young is Dinosaurman's European lynx)

Irish Elk (Adult male mesh is by Bunyupy imported from the game Carnivores: Ice Age, the female and young mesh from Dinosaurman's red deer v2. Male icon by Kangorillaphant)

Short-Faced Hyena (mesh by Z-Studio from their v1 Vampire Beast, skin in part based on Igcfm's brown hyena skin)

Steppe Bison (mesh by Dinosaurman)

Woolly Mammoth (mesh by Tyranachu)

Mammoth Fountain

Download Link: Ice Age Pack!

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