Creator/Designer/Author: JohnRN1

Original Creator: Blue Fang

Language: English

Type: Fantasy Creature

Bugs/Information/Notes: No errors to report.

Requirements: ZT1 or ZTC

Location: Non-Exclusive



Thank you for downloading the Halloween Witch. A

flying Halloween witch is just perfect to complete

your Halloween zoo. Or, just have her around all the

time...with a brew of little witches too.

"Move the .ztd file into the dlupdate (and not

dupdate) folder if one exists in your Zoo Tycoon

folder; otherwise move the .ztd file into the Updates

folder that is in the Zoo Tycoon folder."

The default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo


Thank you to Fern and Jay for their invaluable

encouragement guidance, and expertise.


Download Link: