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descriptionAmerican Deer Pack

Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara" Henson and Kangorillophant

Language: English

Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains six North American species/subspecies of deer and one bouncy ride. There are two minor bugs: When at a distance the antlers of the mule and black tailed deer sometimes become distorted. This corrects itself when you come closer however. The legs of the Peary and Dawson's Caribou calfs sometimes flash black, why I do not know as it does not do this with the other deer.

Requirements: ZT2 and Endangered Species, Extinct Animals is needed for the extinct icon for Dawson's Caribou.

Picture: Black-tail:
           Dawson's Caribou:
           Key Deer:
           Mule Deer:
           Peary Caribou:
           White Tailed Deer:
           Elk Bouncy Ride:

Download Link:

Location: Non-Exclusive

Hashtags: #deer #bouncy #ride

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descriptionRe: American Deer Pack

New download links have been added.

descriptionRe: American Deer Pack

The second download link for the American Deer Pack 1 has been corrected to contain the full contents of pack 1.
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