Title: Winter Zoo

Author: Melissa Macunado (Shadow Walker)

Language: English

Description: This is a simple, plain zoo map for beginners. It consists of a few exhibits featuring Ice Age (mainly tundra and snowy mountains). It could be a good starter for beginners as animals' needs are fullfilled and the economic side of the zoo is running smoothly. Nothing really big to fit beginners' needs (not too many species, it's very hard to bancrupt here... well, I know there are people who can bancrupt even with a good amount of Philosopher's Stone, but I hope this little, cosy zoo would not ;) ). I include all saves so you can add and/or change nearly everything from the very beginning of building process. Currently, on the final step I include, there are exhibits for following species: Yeti, snow leopard, giant tortoise, mountain lion, polar bear and smilodon. Feel free to build many more! Thanks to ZOO Tycoon Companion team, I add screenshots of their lovely programme, which allows you to create excellent habitats for all official species and many more! As the main theme is winter, the animals should be rather northern and mountain - Arctic wolves, markhors, emperor penguins and mammoths fit this rule greatly. But the choice is yours :) .


Requirements: ZOO Tycoon Complete Collection

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7r95qiv3kc120qr

Location: Non-Exclusive