Title: Jim Cronin's Memory Zoo

Author: Melissa Macunado (Shadow Walker)

Language: English

Information: This is a large map I made as a tribute to Jim Cronin, a man of great spirit who created Monkey World in Dorset, England, the world's biggest centre rescuing suffering primates from around the world. This is a unique place. The men who work at Monkey World are providing a safe heaven for many primates. We just love primates, don't we? You can visit Monkey World at their official website: Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

This is one of my favourite zoos I made. It took my hours of work, but it was worth it. Visit more than 20 exhibits, have fun in many various attractions and enjoy the spirit of the whole area. There are both present, marine and prehistoric creatures. You can see the zoo on various levels, from starting in year 1 as a little zoo to the end of the year 5 being a well-working business machine. I hope someone would visit my zoo, read its history and be emotionally touched by the story of Monkey World you can read at their website. Have fun and think about Jim's work in helping our biological cousins.


All screenshots are available here: http://www.mediafire.com/?rq1n1wkp1z7a0v6 due to the forum's loading time.

Requirements: ZOO Tycoon Complete Collection (starter version, Marine Mania & Dinosaur Digs) + Yellowrose's "Wizard of OZ theme pack" found here: http://www.zootycoonunleashed.com/ZTForums/index.php?showtopic=12017&hl=WIZARD

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?37j2a2f7byq8lbi

Location: Non-Exclusive

Updated: 03/18/2013