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Gondwanan Plant and Terrain Pack

SLGray | Published sat Mar 30, 2019 2:08 pm | 75 Views

Designer: Thylaco
Original Creator: Blue Tongue
Requires: Jurassic Park: Operation genesis, follow in file instructions to use with pretty much any mod, though they will look different dependant on textures.
Public Domain: Yes
Language: All that are supported by the game
Bugs: All of the plants that don't have a square for placement cannot be deleted, though anything can be placed on top of them and they can be placed through anything, including each other. When placed in the water these make a little island, though the terrain then can't be modified around them. It also isn't possible for dinos to eat these plants, the only way for this would be to replace the model names in "Trees.ini".
Description: A mod that adds plants you can place and terrain tiles. The plants include:

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