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Flintstones Pack

SLGray | Published sat Dec 29, 2018 2:35 pm | 134 Views

Designer: Laura "Tamara" Henson

Original Creators:The following designers provided the original models modified to create the contents of theis pack...
Chucha and Iguanoraptor123 for the Primal Carnage Tyrannosaurus used as a base for the retro T. rex. Big thanks for Invicta Plastics for the texture and inspiration and to the original 'Land of the Lost' for sounds. Hendrix for his Rhamphorhychus and Pteranodon used to make the Thipdar. Otterlord for permission to use the RR Kangaroo for Hoppy. Tyranachu for the model modified to make Dino. Zebrasorus for his smilodon used to create Baby Puss the machairodus. Biohazard's JPOG Styracosaurus to make the Snoots bouncy ride and camarasaurus for the Dino gift. Z-Studio's black cat used to create the Baby Puss (Machairodus) bouncy ride and for the music rock model.

Requires: All expansion packs and Hendrix's Walking With Dinosaurs Pteranodon.

Public Domain: Yes

Language: English

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