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Sambar Deer of Cambodia

SLGray | Published sat Mar 03, 2018 11:49 am | 937 Views


Cambodian Sambar Deer description:
Minimum happiness needed for chance of breeding: 95.
Liked foliage:
Llala Palm Tree, Fallen Rainforest Tree (ES), Rainforest Fern, Mangrove Tree
Foxtail Palm Tree, Himalayan Pine Tree, Christmas Tree
Liked rock:
Stone Ruins, Small Rock - Small, Small Rock - Medium, Rainforest Rock
Animal can jump. Animal can climb objects. Animal can climb cliff.
Number of animals allowed per exhibit: 4-15 with 30 squares each.
A suitable exhibit for 4 of this animal has 120 squares containing terrain of:
84 Rainforest Floor, 6 Dirt, 6 Grass, 6 Brown Stone, 6 Gray Stone, 6 Snow
6 Fresh Water
using 7 grid squares filled with 4 Llala Palm Tree most liked plant
and using 19 Small Rock - Medium most liked rock.
Of the 120 squares, 9 nonadjacent squares should be elevated.
Preferred shelter: Wood Shelter.
Other liked items:
Snowy Rock

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